Ejakula La Vampira

Album: Sex Horrorisem (2010)

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Song: holly.blood

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Ejakula La Vampira is a punk band that carries music horror in Indonesia, which was established in early 1997, originated from a children's in one area playground trying to find identity by playing music from ska music (such as the mighty-mighty bosstones, skankin pickle), hardcore (Black Flag, Earthcrisis), punk (The Ramones, The Clash, The Misfits), and even used to carry the songs from Red Hot Chili Pappers.

Previously we have always changed the band name from the name of The Aquareeum, The And Others etc. Most of us like the horror-themed songs from The Misfits, vocals and sounds really made us interested, in the end we decided to bring special songs from The Misfits, and make it as our inspiration in playing music.

Ejakula La Vampira name itself is taken from a porn movie titles (blue films) that we watch together one of the personnel in the house band at the moment there are no parents at home. Name Ejakula La Vampira we take as a band name because his name is very unique and themed horror, we finally agreed that our band was officially named Ejakula La Vampira in 1997. Our first song titled I don't enjoy fuck that we made in 1998 and we are taken into compilation "NgeBlender Jadi Satu" Our first album entitled "Sex 'n' Horrorism we made in the year 1999, with the number of songs as much as 22 songs.

In the process of completion of our first album, bass player we are Naomi (now in Anstiseptic) resigned, and we replace him with guitarist Mboth previous band, The Mossyufang. Until now we still exist to play music at music events, gigs, and the last to make us proud and pleased that our will not forget is when we as a welcome stage of his band concerts our idol bands The Misfits in Ancol, as well as Anniversary of the opening band on its 20th Antiseptic.

Our second album is still in the process of completion, with plans for 11 songs that we'll release in 2010.

1st Ejakula La Vampira :
- Bass ; Naomi (now in Antiseptic)
- Guitar : Didod
- Drum : Panca
- Vocal 1 : Romy Jahat (ex marjinal, now in Romy & The Jahats)
- Vocal 2 : Matay

Ejakula La Vampira now :
- Guitar 1 : Didod
- Guitar 2 : Mboth
- Vocal : Matay
- Bass : Chobex
- Drum 1 : Panca
- Drum 2 : Arif (ex Warhead)